Ideas for the Midwest Multi-Value User Group (MWMVUG)

Since I’m the one starting this thing up I will put some ideas forth that can be ratified when we have some members.

Web meetings will be the second Tuesday  every other month at 7pm CST beginning on Jan 10th.

The agenda will be short and the meeting will go about an hour. During the meeting we will discuss topics that the membership puts forward. We may also have presenters from the membership or Vendors of interest.

Webinars will be recorded and available for viewing just in case you miss a meeting.

Welcome to the Midwest Multi-Value User Group Website

There are a number of multi-value user groups around the United States. I’m surprised that there are no user groups in the Midwest. I would like to start a multi-value user group for the Midwest United States.

I have a very busy schedule and find it difficult to attend user meetings at a physical location. So I would like to propose the MWMVUG meetings be help on-line using GoToMeeting.

This should help broaden the area for Multi-Value users to join the group.